Our Commitment

Our Commitment

​​At Penn Wynne Presbyterian Preschool, Explorers and Latchkey, we are committed to providing quality, affordable childhood education and childcare.  It is our intent to provide safe opportunities for play, exploration and investigation.

Teaching Philosophy

Most children are eager to learn and can absorb an enormous amount of information. We use our environment to expose children to letters, numerals, literature, colors, shapes, pre-reading and writing skills, science experiences, mathematical concepts, and much more.

We offer many opportunities to grow through new experiences and materials, cooking projects with new foods, educational toys, local field trips, and guest visitors.

Campus and Facilities

A bright spacious facility with a large and recently rebuilt playground (2023). The playground is secure and only for use by the school. There is also a large indoor play room which allows for cycling, ball sports, and more. Music and Spanish classes are also a wonderful feature.


Penn Wynne Preschool has a lasting presence in the community

Learning Hours

An incredible amount of love, learning, and laughter seen throughout the schools history


We've had over 12,000 students through our campus

Teaching Years

Our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience

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We are available via phone and email.

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