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The mission of Penn Wynne Presbyterian School is to build a foundation for learning that will enable our children to explore and discover the world around them.  We encourage kindness and empathy by respecting individuality and the diversity of our community.

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Allison T.

Words cannot describe what the Penn Wynne Presbyterian School has meant to my family. Not only did my children receive an excellent education but the teachers and parents became my village. I have three kids, with three very different personalities and learning styles, and all of their social and emotional needs were met.

PWPS builds community and friendships and you will feel that from the moment you walk in the door. Not to mention, the end of the year party and Halloween celebration songs will forever get stuck in your head. I am so thankful for my children’s experience at PWPS.

Mariel K.

“Being part of the school family at Penn Wynne Presbyterian brought such light and joy into our lives! We attended for two years, for both preschool and the Explorers kindergarten enrichment program. And to say that he blossomed would be an understatement! We struggled with emotional regulation, communication, and socialization. He was behind in reading and letter recognition, he didn’t enjoy artistic expression, or sitting still without a screen in his face. This all changed dramatically as soon as he found a rhythm at PWP. The entire school community, provided a loving and nurturing environment where we found our little boy developing a true love of learning, social connection, and a calm command over his ability to hold focus and attention. Our family is forever in gratitude for the experiences we were blessed with by attending PWP, and we recommend this educational institution to everyone we meet!”

Christin K.

We have been with PWPS for pre-k, lunch bunch, kindergarten enrichment, and latchkey.  Over the years at PWPS, our child has thrived.  Every teacher and staff member is caring, kind, and responsive to individual child and family needs.  For pre-k and K-enrichment, we love the huge variety of educational, fun, and social activities, including cooking, arts & crafts, puppet shows, sports, and even growing potatoes

For families using latchkey, there is peace of mind knowing that your child will be well taken care of with a snack, plenty of peers to play with, fun activities, the new playground, and time to decompress in a safe space after a long day at school.   Above all, our child has felt loved and cared for while at PWP.  We love PWPS!

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